H3 GROUP is an innovative, boutique promotional products company. We provide our customers with unique branding products to market, advertise, and promote businesses & professionals. H3 Group is a local company, located in Richmond & Vancouver, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Our unique H3 promotional products cater to companies & organizations, events, fundraisers, special programs, weddings, festivities, eateries, real estate developments, and much more, in a variety of industries within our local Vancouver markets, Canada-wide, and world-wide.

H3 group is a local promotional & unique product company which specializes in advertising needs, safety needs, as well as fun needs! Our company Headquarters are located in the Richmond area, with a Vancouver office location as well.

H3 Group was founded by three entrepreneurial, Vancouverite sisters…who make up the H3’s of the company. H3 Group believes that well thought-out, unique, and useful products to be a strong drive for professional and personal branding. H3 Group sources unique, practical, and multi-purpose products for local Vancouverites, and for customers across Canada, and internationally.

H3 Group also customizes all of the products found on our website. Customization is our strength, as well as sourcing products that our customers will find unique, fun, and innovative. Our products have strong advertising & marketing qualities to push your brand ahead. A multitude of new and quality products can be found in our boutique promotional line – ALL of our products are fully customizable. Some of the custom promotional products include: T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, H3 Color-Changing mugs, H3 Travel Mugs, H3 LED pens, H3 LED Message Fans, H3 LED Hand Flags, H3 USB pens, H3 USB memory sticks, H3 environmentally friendly hot beverage cups, pizza boxes, hanging car air fresheners, and so much more.

H3 GROUP is also the original home of the H3 LED BRELLA and the H3 WAVEROLLER Riding toy…. Other unique personal products you will find here are: H3 Bike Light, H3 LED Cane…and again so much more…

We invite you to discover our products throughout our website and invent your branding – unique only to H3 GROUP…….

What’s New

h3-led-flashlight-brella-umbrellaH3 Group is the original home of the H3 LED & Flashlight Brella. We specialize in customization of the H3 LED umbrella to suit your promotional, advertising, and safety needs. This umbrella is not only a promotional product umbrella, but also a safety umbrella for pedestrian walking of all ages! The H3 LED Brella is an umbrella for adult, children, and for having safe fun in the rain and with LED light! The LED umbrella is for pedestrian safety from the rain, safety in walking in poor weather conditions, and safety in walking in the dark….See and Be Seen with our H3 LED light shaft & Flashlight umbrella! A strong, durable, safe, and quality umbrella. Customization options are fully available with corporate tiered pricing.



H3 Group is also home to the H3 Waveroller riding toy! Our aerodynamic riding toy is creative, fun, physical! The H3 Waveroller riding toy is great fun in our Vancouver communities, and Canada wide. Use the H3 Waveroller riding toy as an outdoor toy or indoor toy…see our H3 Waveroller in action in our demo video.



H3 Group is also home to many promotional products items. We love to customize and push your brand ahead of the rest. Whether it be a corporate brand or personal brand, we will make you look good!

  • We provide customized items for events, fundraisers, campaigns, and marketing such as: cotton t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, jackets, fast food uniforms, and uniforms in general.
  • We provide customized giveaways such as: color-changing mugs, travel mugs, ball point pens, usb sticks in unique shapes, LED flags, LED running bands, stand alone battery packs, dye cut logo stickers.
  • We also customize quality and environmentally sound fast food items such as: paper hot beverage cups, salad bowls, pizza boxes, etc.

Nonetheless, if there is something you don’t see on these pages, we take custom requests for any required products and we will make your customized branding vision happen!