H3 LED Baby Brella

Product Description

Product Description

As part of our H3 LED Brella line, H3 Group brings to you the smallest Brella in the family, the H3 LED Baby Brella!

The H3 LED Baby Brella, is the mini-me version of our adult H3 LED Brella!  And just like our adult version, the Baby Brella is also fully customizable for names, logos and preferred colors.  This product is fantastic for promoting and marketing children events, highlighting charities, advertising children’s retail outlets, or to give out en masse to children who need to be safe in the dark and at night.

This Baby Brella is made for protecting little ones in the rain, but also more importantly, protecting little ones in bad weather and during night time walking where they need to be lit up to be seen.  This multi-faceted product, our H3 LED Baby, is great for making children feel visible and safe, especially with the added feature of a flashlight at the bottom of the handle.

Every child should be walking with a H3 LED Baby Brella….safety is of our utmost priority…especially for those most vulnerable.

H3 Group brings to you, the cutest Brella yet, The H3 LED Baby Brella, these are its’ features:

  • LED shaft that has several different colors at the click of a button.
  • The LED light, which makes up the Brella shaft, lasts up to 2 -3 yrs and beyond.
  • The Brella has a bright flashlight bottom light which utilizes 3 AAA batteries, and can be used separately from the LED light shaft and vice versa.
  • The Baby Brella shaft height is 23 inches
  • The radius is approx. 40cm
  • The material of the Brella is a durable pongee material
  • The Brella holds up to 40 km/hr winds
  • The Brella is durable, excellent quality, and is very light weight
  • Fully customizable with logo, company name, colours, etc.
  • Preferred pricing is available for corporate / large orders where the product is customized or non-customized.

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