H3 LED Candy Cane Brella

Product Description

Product Description

As part of our H3 LED Brella line, H3 Group brings to you a unique, creatively lit, fun and safety-oriented H3 LED Candy Cane Brella!

Like all our H3 LED Brellas, the H3 LED Candy Cane Brella, uses bright LED light technology for its’ light features.  The Candy Cane handle, lights up with many colors flashing quickly in unison.  The inside bones of the H3 LED Candy Cane Brella also light up in flashing unison, giving this Brella a very creative, artistic and fun feel to walk around with in dark times or bad rainy weather.  The Candy Cane Brella will keep you dry, safe with its’ bright lighting, and give you a lift to your step with its’ fun style!

The Candy Cane Brella is an excellent event/conference giveaway with customization or without, a great marketer for any company, as well as an excellent client/employee appreciation gift.

Being slightly smaller than our H3 LED Adult Brella, and with completely different light features, the Candy Cane Brella, gives you a unique and creative style that receiving parties will be sure to appreciate and show off everywhere they go!  Marketing with every step taken and promoting everywhere the spectacular Candy Cane Brella goes!

The H3 LED Candy Cane Brella boasts the following features:

  • Bright lights on the candy cane handle in different colors, flashing in unison.
  • All the inner bones of the Brella also light up in different colors, flashing in unison.
  • The H3 LED Candy Cane Brella takes 5 “AG10” batteries
  • The LED light, that makes up the Brella handle and the inner bones of the Brella lasts upto 2 -3 yrs and beyond.
  • Material of the Brella is a durable pongee material
  • Candy Cane Brella shaft height is 24.5 inches.
  • Radius approx. 48.5”
  • The Brella holds in upto 40 km/hr winds
  • The Brella is durable, excellent quality, and very light weight
  • Fully customizable with logo, company name, colours, etc.
  • Preferred pricing is available for corporate / large orders where the product is customized and non-customized

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