H3 LED Cane

Product Description

Product Description

The H3 LED Cane is a great support for those in need of a good quality cane, but with the H3 LED Cane comes the added touches of LED light spot light on the cane handle, and also the ability to fold this supportive H3 LED Cane into 4 parts for easy carrying and easy tucking into purses, shopping bags, napsacks, on the bus, etc. The H3 LED Cane gives pedestrians a safety that is optimized by the LED light so one can see while walking with the cane, and be see at the same time by others and by drivers as well.

The H3 LED Cane is light weight, strong and supportive, safe, and totally flexible in being able to fold into parts…an awesome support for those who need it the most.

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– LED light spotlight located on cane handle for safety
– Replaceable 2*AAA batteries
– Folds into 4 parts for easy carrying in small bag, sacks, under arm, etc. – ABS material for hand comfort
– Shaft material: Aluminum
– Folded cane size: 30 cm
– Height of cane full-length: 86 cm

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