H3 LED Pen

Product Description

Product Description

The H3 LED Pen is a unique and customized way to make a statement while writing up a storm! The H3 LED Pen uses LED light to light up at night or during the day, thicker size pen for good grip, includes a laser pointer, writes blue or black ink, in smooth motions, and fluid ink. The H3 LED Pen requires simple batteries for on-going LED light power. Extra ink cartridges are available right here on H3 Group’s website (under spare parts), so your H3 LED Pen can be used for many years to come!

The H3 LED Pen is of course, fully customizable for branding of company logos, personal brandings, or any sort of advertising for long term branding, marketing, and awareness. Everyone will remember this H3 LED Pen and where they got it from…your advertising & marketing dollars traveling far and wide!

* There are spare parts available for this product in our spare parts order section…

** To order this product, please contact us directly for a complete and customized quote.


– Pen size: 1.5 * 14.5CM
– Material: Aluminum + Acrylic
– Battery: 3 x AG13 batteries
– Battery life approx. 6 mnths
– Battery life depends on usage frequency
– Ink cartridges available on H3 Group’s website, under “spare parts”

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