H3 Waveroller Riding Toy

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H3 Waveroller Riding Toy

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Product Description

Product Description

H3 GROUP brings you the new and innovative…..H3 WAVEROLLER Riding Toy!

An aerodynamic ride that offers a fun and new movement experience in a physically dynamic and creative way for all children!
The H3 WAVEROLLER Riding Toy has no pedals or chains and there is no parent pushing required.  Your child simply pushes his/her feet in a left and right motion to propel the H3 WAVEROLLER Riding Toy forward and to either side, and many other type motions.

The H3 WAVEROLLER Riding Toy is so much fun and totally safe for children due to its low center of gravity and the ease with which the roller wheels glide.  It’s a great way for kids to get active and stay active!

This toy is easily manoeuvred on all types of surfaces, and can move uphill, downhill and on flat surfaces with ease and agility!  It is also completely safe for indoor surfaces without scratching or damaging interior floorings for fun indoor play.


  • Product size: 95cm * 43cm * 30cm
  • Frame material: All Steel
  • Seat material: Fabril
  • Wheels: 100 mm, PU
  • Ages: 4 yrs – 14 yrs
  • Weight capacity: up to 100kgs (225 lbs)
  • Rubber handles and non marking solid PU wheels
  • Handle brake beside the right rear wheel
  • H3 WAVEROLLER Riding Toy is easily assembled (with all needed equipment supplied in the box)
  • A leg extension for older ages is also included for easy assembly
  • H3 WAVEROLLER Riding Toy easily fits in a compact, easy to hold/carry carton….ready to be assembled!

* There are spare parts available for this product in our spare parts order section…

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Additional Information


Light weight: This toy can be carried by your child easily, or pulled around by your child to a play site!

Smooth riding: The smooth easy ride makes it manoeuvrable and enjoyable! It glides on more than just flat surfaces; ride it uphill, downhill and anywhere else your creativity takes you

Low center of gravity: The Waveroller is completely safe, no concerns about falling off and getting hurt! Children can have their fun worry free!!

Added Leg Extension: The Waveroller will grow with your child. This is a ride that will see many years of use and doesn’t age out!

Compact: Live in an apartment? Have limited space? Or have a few waverollers? This ride takes no space! It can stand up right, it is stackable and it can even be stored underneath a surface!

Silent: The wheels glide silently on all surfaces, so it’s quite fun :)

Indoor Fun:  It is also completely safe for indoor surfaces.  Doesn’t scratch or damage interior flooring making it a great toy for fun indoor play.